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The e-commerce business is expanding quickly in the UAE, especially since the pandemic prompted people to shop online. Online purchasing has increased the need for reliable and secure payment solutions. Whether you operate a tiny startup or a major corporation, you should have a trustworthy payment gateway solution to grow your e-commerce business.

A payment gateway not only simplifies the entire buying process but also establishes your company’s credibility. Choosing a payment gateway for your company might be challenging because so many options are available. This blog has the top seven payment gateways in the UAE listed below for your convenience to make this choice easier.

  • CashU

One of the first payment gateway services in the UAE was CashU. It was once only available to citizens of the UAE, but it is now one of the most popular options on the continent. It is renowned for its fraud prevention strategies and cutting-edge AML solutions.

  • Telr

Telr is among the most famous payment gateways in the UAE, offering a variety of well-liked payment alternatives. More than 100 countries are now supported, and new payment alternatives are added regularly. There are three payment levels for startups, SMEs, and internet firms in the emerging market: Entry, Small, and Medium.

  • Checkout

Checkout is a payment gateway for eCommerce websites that offers several customizable solutions to serve particular markets and is well known for its quick transactions. As a result of its excellent user experience, straightforward setup, and numerous integration options, it is a top international payment gateway.

  • CyberSource

VISA, a well-known supplier of financial services with a global reach, runs Cybersource as a subsidiary. More than 190 nations worldwide may utilise the platform’s numerous benefits. Its primary purpose is to make local payment systems and other digital payments like Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Alipay more widely used.

  • Stripe

Stripe is recognized for its cutting-edge financial management, fraud protection, and payment processing approaches. It allows revenue optimization and supports more than 135 different currencies. It is a popular payment gateway in the UAE that enables companies to accept payments and remit payouts worldwide. The technology supports payments for conventional merchants, marketplaces, and online stores.

  • PayTabs

PayTabs, founded in 2014, is famous for its advanced features and technologies for preventing fraud. It’s one of the UAE’s most dependable and cutting-edge payment gateways. Additionally, PayTabs is simple to integrate into your online store.

  • CCAvenue

CC Avenue, India’s most widely used payment gateway service, was established in 2001. Three years later, this business launched a new office in Dubai as part of its international expansion. Today, it is extensively utilised by UAE eCommerce enterprises and has established itself as an expert in the field of electronic payments.

The Takeaway

Corporate banks or specialist institutions offer most payment gateways in the UAE. Customers can access various payment methods, including UPI, bank cards (debit/credit), and internet banking. These are the top seven well-known payment gateways for eCommerce stores in the UAE. You can integrate any of these to kickstart your store’s online purchases and transfers.