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Are you a sweet lover looking for a dose of sweet indulgence? Then it’s time to try some popular desserts from the middle east. Arabic desserts like Baklava, Kanafeh are already trending in various corners of the world. All thanks to the power of social media and bakeries that focus on exploring exotic dishes and cuisines. Today, we are here with our top picks of Arabic desserts that will satisfy your sweet cravings!

  • Kanafeh

The delectable dessert kanafeh has origins in a variety of Arab nations. This is an ultimate sweet treat characterized by an orange-yellow color prepared with thin vermicelli strands or semolina having a sweet cheese filling. The gooey and stretchy cream cheese is placed inside before being dipped and covered in delicious sugar syrup. Garnished with your favorite nuts, you can’t resist this dessert when the stretched cheese seeps out and sizzles on the hot plate! 

  • Baklava

Baklava is a perfect sweet treat originating from the Ottoman era. This iconic dessert is a social media buzz with thousands of videos preparing it. These are warm and crunchy filo pastries filled with pistachios and then sizzled with hot syrup. Every bite of this popular dessert has a sweetness and is decorated with nuts, chocolate, ice cream, etc.

  • Halva

The Middle East’s most famous dessert, halva, comes in two varieties. The first is halva made from flour, and the second is halva made from nuts and seeds. Halva is well-known in various countries and originates in Persia (Iran). After that, the dessert spread throughout the middle east and South Asian parts, where you can find different versions and ingredients. 

  • Basbousa

Basbousa is a popular dessert enjoyed in UAE, Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon, etc. These are simple and delicious semolina cakes soaked in syrup and cut into small square pieces. One can readily find coconut and saffron flavors in them. Basbousa is a well-liked dessert at weddings, national days, and other celebratory events.

  • Luqmat El Qadi (Lokma)

Also known as Lokma, the dessert has several names and is originally said to be an Iraqi delicacy. The dessert is typically made in a spherical shape made of leavened dough. It is deep fried in oil, creating a delectable crunchy exterior, and then dipped in orange blossom water, lemon juice, and rose water. If you have heard of or tried the Indian dessert called gulab jamun, you will find Lokma quite similar!

  • Qatayef (Atayef)

These are Middle Eastern pancakes with delicious fillings within. Qatayef is prepared especially during the festival season and is widely sold across markets and bakeries during Ramadan. The pancake can be soft, crunchy, fried, or baked, while it can be filled with cream, nuts, or fruits on the interior.

  • Maamoul cookies

Arabian cuisine primarily incorporates dates. Maamoul cookies are tender shortbread cookies with dates, nuts, pistachios, etc. These are soft inside but crunchy outside and are widely relished at weddings and occasions.

Wrapping Up

Desserts are special in every cuisine. These middle eastern dishes are quite popular across the gulf nations. Apart from daily bakeries and restaurants, one can easily find them in markets during Ramadan, weddings, and other occasions.