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    • Found It!

      The show was great. You and Gary did a great job, especially for such a small staff. We didn’t get the rain that everybody else got on Saturday. The food was delicious, and It couldn’t have been a much better day than Sunday. The weather was perfect, the crowd was steady and the boat owners were very friendly and gracious. Dem cajins know how to build dem putputs too. Looking forward to next year already.
      Mike and Carol

  1. Hello!
    In the picture section of the 2012 boat show there is a bateau pictured with a V-8. The name of the bateau is “Evader” and was built by John Smietana of New Iberia. Capt. Smietana is the father of my girlfriend and we are trying to get some specific information about the bateau. Hopeful that you have some historical files on his entry.



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