BTWBS No. 6 Reboot!

Well, the Good Lord willin’ and the crick don’t rise, we’re going to try to pull off a boat show again this April! Dates are 15-17, same place, same times.
As usual, there are no entry or space fees to enter, but please reply to me to let me know if you’re coming and how many in your party. We are beginning the planning stages, and it’s always good to have a head count in advance.
Also, I had to attempt to rebuild my email list from scratch after a hard drive crash, so if there’s anybody you notice I missed, please let them know. My new address is, but the will work for a few more months, so it’s better to update it in your email program.
More good news: We received a state grant for floating docks. If all goes according to plan, we should have a little more than 100 feet of floating dock installed by show time…however, the wheels of government churn slowly, so keep your fingers crossed.
I’ll send more updates as they are available, and also keep your fingers crossed for better weather than last year.
Best regards,
Roger Stouff

2 thoughts on “BTWBS No. 6 Reboot!

  1. I tried to get there several years ago but couldn’t at the last minute. I’m gonna try again this year. Please be sure I’m subscribed to notices and updates. Thank you.

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