Where it stands now…

Given that the weather forecast 5-10 days out keeps changing practically every minute, we do not feel comfortable trying to schedule a show only to have to pull the plug again. We had hoped to do something in the next 2-3 weeks, but it just doesn’t seem likely.
As of now, our hope is to wait for when/if the rainy season subsides and we can start getting more reliable indications of the weather. If that occurs before it gets unbearably hot, we will try to set a date. Even then it’ll be dicey, as we’d have to decide at least two weeks out to let everyone make plans to attend if they can.
If none of that works out, we’ll shoot for something in the fall, and if none of that plays out, we’ll shoot for 2016!
Thank you all for your patience. The rain that fell last Friday night in Franklin was over 5 inches, and it was far worse east and west of us, where folks would have been traveling to try to reach us. We know we made the right call, unpleasant as it was.
We will be in touch.

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