Are you ready for the Fourth?

Fourth BTWBS, that is!

Gary and I are gearing up for the next show, set April 19-21. Starts Friday afternoon and wraps up late Sunday.

We’re hoping for the same number of participants as last  year, and more! Everyone who joined us on Parc sur la Teche was a pleasure to meet and hang around with, and of course, the boats were all wonderful.

So please start sending me your intentions to attend this year to: webmaster(AT)…of course, replace (AT) with the @ sign. Let me know how many people in your group so we can make sure we have enough…uhm…amenities to go around. I also need to know your hometown, when you expect to arrive, boat type/model, length, and whether you need space on land or in the water.

Please check the “lodging” page on this site for places to stay in the local area.

As before, there is no registration fee, but donations will be appreciated! There’ll be a place for them at the hospitality tent.

We are working with local governments to make improvements to that boat landing behind the city cemetery before the show. I don’t expect it to be state-of-the-art, but it should be in much better condition for use this year.

Best regards and look forward to seeing you all,

Roger Stouff and Gary Blum


12 thoughts on “Are you ready for the Fourth?

  1. Hey, looking forward to the gathering. There will be two of us in attendance.
    I have a 1967 Century Arabian, 427 Crusader engine. I hope you have space for me. Also, it would be nice to have access to a fresh water washout hose for my trailer and engine at the completion of the show.
    Have been exploring taking the boat on up the Teche just to sight see afterwards.
    Thanks for all the effort that this event takes. I have helped in other shows.

  2. Hi Ya’ll. Looks like we’re putting together a group of “Texas 200” sailors to come over. We’ll try our best to behave…but now that I know you have a brewery right there, I can’t make any promises.

  3. Gordo, that’s great, give me a head count soon as you can please, and water/dry needs for space.
    No brewery around here that I know of, though.

    • We’ll have 5 on our boat, and another boat will be with us with 2. I don’t know how many will drive over, I’m hoping for 6 or 8.

      Bayou Teche Biere ( it’s way up in Arnaudville, not very close really, but hopefully I can find some. I like to try local stuff.

    • Hey there Roger. Looks like my family of five on our catamaran (I’ll be coming by water from Mississippi, the fam meeting me in Teche country) Cris and Cathy are planning on being there on Plover, idk about the rest yet. We’ll both be on the water.

      The Bayou Teche Brewery is in Arnaudville, not that close I guess. But I hope I can scare up some of thier Biere!

    • hi lisa, I’m so impresses with how successful you are at doing this. Do you have regular day job or is this your full time income source? And secondly do you think anyone can be successful on the internet or does it take a certain type of person?

  4. Afternoon Roger ,

    Ellen and I are looking forward to be at the show with you , Gary and all of friends.

    Roger we need some help if you can. We have a conflict Saturday that we have to be Gulfport, Mississippi for a fundraiser walk for A L S. We would like to bring Cooyon over Friday and set up on the Bayou. If you could take the off Saturday morning. We will be back late Saturday afternoon to put her to bed. We be there all day Sunday.

    Let me know if this ok with you——-many thanks,


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